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The Firefly Who Wanted To Be A Star

Together, we can make our voices heard and change the world. Wonderful write from Mr. Lonely Author. 🙂

The Lonely Author


The Firefly Who Wanted To Be A Star

Once there was a tiny
firefly who wanted to
glow upon this world.
A task impossible for
one lonesome bulb.

Every night she shined
so bright yet she never
became a star. Until all
her little friends joined in
 to illuminate the dark.

One firefly alone could
never change a world,
but thousands working
together can create a
universe here on Earth.

My wife found this image in Google and asked me to write a poem about the Firefly who wanted to be a star.

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The dangers of trending topics on Twitter

Twitter is where I hang out in the social media world. It’s where I discuss football, share inspiring (& sometimes funny) re/tweets and keep abreast of what’s happening in the world. It was also where I learned about Prince’s untimely death first and all the tragic happenings currently going on in this wicked world.

Then there’s this thing call ‘trending topic’.

When a celebrity trends, it usually means that he/she died, they’re ill, they got caught doing something illegal, or Twitter killed them. Yes, Twitter is guilty of ‘killing’ celebrities. So when I saw Orlando Bloom trending last evening, the first thing that came to mind was, did he die? Then I remember seeing something in the news about the 5th Pirates of the Caribbean installment so I thought perhaps it was about the film. I don’t follow Bloom on Twitter (if he has a handle) nor his personal life, but I like him as an actor, so I clicked on the TT.

And I instantly regretted clicking on it because the fuss was much ado about nothing. Just nudes of a fit Bloom paddle boarding with a smile on his face as he holiday in Italy with girlfriend Katy Perry (I didn’t even know he was dating this woman). 

Then I was mad.

Isn’t anything private anymore? Isn’t anything left to the imagination anymore? Heck! These TTs should come with a warning. Not everyone wants to see nudes of great looking people. They have what we have after all. 

A really important question: Does anyone have eye bleach?

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False Pretenses

This is beautiful. It is very important to be you and not someone else. Take off that mask if you’re wearing one today and embrace yourself. Thank you for this wonderful write, Sarah.

Sarah Doughty

Mutual respect and friendship isn’t always genuine. It’s a hard lesson I’ve learned time and time again.

Sometimes all it takes is one look. A split second, and it’s all over. You see it. That flash of disgust flickering across their face. That’s when you know, it was all a lie. You wait, hoping it was wrong. That it was a trick of light.

But it didn’t take long to realize the truth, did it? “I was nothing to you,” you think. It took some processing to accept it, but if you’re being honest with yourself, that instant of distaste was enough to lose all respect for them.

I’m here to tell you that they weren’t worth it. Don’t mourn them, because they don’t deserve it. You know who you are. You are the sum of all that has happened to you, and you have come out the other side…

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