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Welcome, sweet August!


I’ll be embracing August wholeheartedly with fingers crossed. Here’s to hoping that I actually achieve the small goals I set out to complete this month. July was wonderful, but I want my August to be even greater and sweeter if I might add. A few things I plan to do this month:

^ I did not get to work on as many short stories as I would’ve liked last month, but I wrote a few vignettes that I might eventually post here as I continue to work/improve myΒ creative writing.

^ I look forward to improving La Petit Muse, but this is something that may take time. I hope to start posting other topics soon besides the challenges. I am looking at other ventures/ideas that I can contribute here.Β 

^ Another challenge! It seems as if I am waiting for a new month to come so I can complete another challenge. This month I am looking forward to the movie challenge. I used to love movies before, but now, not so much. I am now picky when it comes to watching a film.

30 Day Movie Challenge. Try it for yourself!:

Have a safe, enjoyable and blessed August and remember…

Clouds, Font, Positive, Motivation, Act, Action, Do:

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