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Devotional Nuggets – #35

“Be reminded again, that most people who break through in life, almost broke down completely at some point due to challenges, but they refused to give in. So do not give up for we are on the winning side by the grace of God.”

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Welcome, sweet August!


I’ll be embracing August wholeheartedly with fingers crossed. Here’s to hoping that I actually achieve the small goals I set out to complete this month. July was wonderful, but I want my August to be even greater and sweeter if I might add. A few things I plan to do this month:

^ I did not get to work on as many short stories as I would’ve liked last month, but I wrote a few vignettes that I might eventually post here as I continue to work/improve my creative writing.

^ I look forward to improving La Petit Muse, but this is something that may take time. I hope to start posting other topics soon besides the challenges. I am looking at other ventures/ideas that I can contribute here. 

^ Another challenge! It seems as if I am waiting for a new month to come so I can complete another challenge. This month I am looking forward to the movie challenge. I used to love movies before, but now, not so much. I am now picky when it comes to watching a film.

30 Day Movie Challenge. Try it for yourself!:

Have a safe, enjoyable and blessed August and remember…

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