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By the Mighty Mumford

Bless His Holy Name

Go on up to the highest peak,
And the Gospel there speak.
With strength boldly proclaim,
The good news that Christ came.

Fear not; lift up your eyes,
And denounce the world’s lies.
You’re standing on holy sod,
Stand firm on the word of God.

Observe God’s power and might,
He rules over the day and night.
Stand strong and do not give in,
For great is your reward in Him.

Like a shepherd guards his flock,
He is with us around the clock.
He holds us in His loving arms,
Protecting us from all harms.

For all He does for me and you,
Our hearts can see His love is true.
So I will life my voice and proclaim,
Jesus is my Savior! Bless His holy Name.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 31 August 2016

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Short Story #4

Every Sunday, they’ll meet up at the cozy coffee shop at the corner of Lucknow Street in St. James. They’ll sit at their favorite table at the back and order a slice of the shop’s signature chocolate cheesecake washing it down with cinnamon hot chocolate.

Secondary school lovebirds until that fateful day when she told him that she was in love with someone else.

Although he doesn’t come anymore, she still faithfully makes the trip every Sunday to their favorite coffee shop, hoping, yearning, that he’ll somehow forgive her for her awful mistake and that everything will go back to normal for them. She’ll tell him how foolish she was for choosing Andrew over him, but she had no choice given that her father had prearranged her marriage with a wealthy banker’s son.

For now, all she had was pleasant memories of those days spent huddled at their favorite table that a young couple now solely occupied on Sundays.

Words: 159

Copyright © 2016 by La Petit Muse. All rights reserved.

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Serial (100 Words)

This is how you write an intriguing mystery! All the elements are there in just 100 words. Amazing write!

The Lonely Author


Serial  (100 Words)

Detective Jake Monroe examined the bloody crime scene. All the expected signs were there; the slashed throat, the look of terror in her eyes, and missing shoes.

The Riverside Killer struck again.

“Number five is a blonde?”

He turned to look at his partner Max who entered the hotel room.

“Do we know her name?”

“Let me see,” Jake scooped up her purse to search for her ID.

“You must be relieved.”

Jake sighed. “Was that necessary?”

Max shrugged. “Hey, at least this time there’s no evidence tying her to you.”

Opening her purse, Jake found a photo of himself.

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Agony In The Dark

Simply beautiful! ❤

Sarah Doughty

There’s no me without you.
No blood without a heart,
thought without a mind,
breath without lungs,
and touch without skin.
And no love without light.

© Sarah Doughty

For the ‘Support Insta Writers’ August Prompts
(based on books written by authors in the IG community)
hosted by Tracy and Journee.

Of Love And Other Dirty Business by @bohemian_blad3s

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About Her

Short Story #3

short story sunday

Grace watch as her husband of fifteen years drinks his coffee – black, with one teaspoon of sugar. She fondly smiled at the slightly graying wisps in his sideburns, the slightly upturned corners of his mouth and committed them to memory. This was how she wanted to remember him.

“Raymond,” her soft voice rattled the peaceful silence. “I know about her,” she admitted and looked at him in slight disgust.

Raymond chuckled. “Know about whom?”

“That girl you’ve been seeing behind my back for the past three months.” Grace spat, unable to suppress her rage any longer. She got pleasure in seeing her husband’s face drop. “She’s just a child, Ray, how could you?”

Raymond put the cup down and sighed. “Gracie, I’m sorry for not telling you, but…”

“…I don’t want to hear any excuses!” Grace snarled. “That girl you’re seeing could be your daughter. If you were bored with our relationship, you could’ve at least had the guts to say something instead of seeing her behind my back. Do you know how stupid it’s going to make me look when everyone finds out?”

Raymond suddenly felt a headache coming on and eyed the coffee suspiciously. “Gracie, what’s in this thing?”

“Cyanide,” she proudly held her head high.

“But why?” Raymond rasped. “I didn’t do anything wrong. You like dancing and…Jennifer was teaching me how to dance. I wanted to surprise you.”

Grace’s mouth opened in shock. She couldn’t feel her boneless limbs as her mind screamed out at her to call the hospital. She watched on in muted terror as her beloved Raymond slumped over the table, dead from the toxic coffee. Before she knew what she was doing, her trembling hands reached out to pat her husband’s head one last time before reaching for the cup.

Copyright © 2016 by La Petit Muse. All rights reserved.

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Image: Pexels

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The Firefly Who Wanted To Be A Star

Together, we can make our voices heard and change the world. Wonderful write from Mr. Lonely Author. 🙂

The Lonely Author


The Firefly Who Wanted To Be A Star

Once there was a tiny
firefly who wanted to
glow upon this world.
A task impossible for
one lonesome bulb.

Every night she shined
so bright yet she never
became a star. Until all
her little friends joined in
 to illuminate the dark.

One firefly alone could
never change a world,
but thousands working
together can create a
universe here on Earth.

My wife found this image in Google and asked me to write a poem about the Firefly who wanted to be a star.

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