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DAY 29




I once had an x-ray done for my annoying headaches, but it turned out to be sinusitis.Β 

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DAY 29

Ray couldn’t keep his hands to himself wherever his wife was concerned. He would suddenly get the urge to brush something from her hair or to squeeze her side affectionately. Like now, she was attending to a pot on the stove. Her brown hair held back in a loose ponytail, she tasted whatever sauce she was stirring. Ray sensing an opportunity, grinned and walked up to her pinching her in the side.

“Ray!” Diana practically squealed. “I told you…”

He cut her off with a chaste kiss. “I know, but you also know that I simply cannot resist touching you.”

Β© La Petit Muse 2016

*** Ray and Diana. They’re like my favorite pair to write although some of my friends lovingly complain that they’re too sweet on each other. *shrugging* Someone has to do it.Β 

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