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What aging brings

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DAY 25

Aging brings





(sometimes sadness)

and of course, wisdom

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july 25

For Word-High July

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7 thoughts on “What aging brings”

  1. Interesting piece but I disagree. Wisdom isn’t something that is gained just because you age. Some of the wisest people I know have been no older than 30. I don’t automatically ‘respect’ someone just because their older than I am and I certainly don’t automatically go to an old person for ‘wisdom’. Sure, a young person is likely to be wise because wisdom is experience with knowledge and someone who is 25 simply does not have as much experience as someone who is 55. However, if that 25 year old has traveled the world spending their time pursuing knowledge and talking with people I would consider them much more ‘wise’ than the average American who coasts through school, gets a job then spends most of their time working or watching tv. Experience in this case needs to move away from this stagnant definition of quantity and focus more on the quality.

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    1. Actually, the aging in this piece does not refer to an ‘old’ person. It represents us as we grow older. I actually based this piece on a still young friend of mine who is only 26. Therefore, I agree with what you said. He said he felt ‘old’ given that he has been through many experiences and this was written with him in mind.

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      1. Ahh I see! In that case I apologize for the mini rant but also applaud you for the piece. I empathize with your friend, I too have been through more then the average bear and feel much older than my twenty years and often am told that I’m ‘wise’ when I feel so very far from it. Thanks again for the post, very thought provoking

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