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DAY 26


Friends never forsake you when you (desperately) need comfort.

Friends offer you a shoulder to cry on.

Friends push and motivate you. They encourage you even if they donโ€™t share your dream/passion.

Friends donโ€™t make excuses.

Friends cheer you up when youโ€™re sad/down.

In short, friends root for you no matter what, but friends wouldnโ€™t hesitate to call you out when youโ€™re in the wrong. They laugh with you, cry with you and stick with you through thick and thin.


I’ve been blessed to have some wonderful friends in my life and for this, I am thankful. My friends have never led me astray and they’re a positive influence and light in my life. Friends, you know who you are and I salute you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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