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Someone who’s made a big impact on me recently

DAY 20


That person would have to be my new supervisor.

Judy is her name and she has this no-nonsense way about her in getting things done. Some have misinterpreted that attitude for aggressiveness, but she is very passionate about her job.

She is also a budding writer and she often asks after my own writing. She shares her poetry and I think she is great at it. I am no good at poetry! But she encourages me to write and I’ve never met someone as passionate as me about writing before and I like that a lot.

She is planning on publishing one day and I wish her the best because her work is going to be great


People often come and go in my life, but God forever remains. He often sends people into my life for a reason and for this I am utterly grateful.

I must say that I’ve been blessed with a few friends I can share similarities with, two sisters I can count on, parents I can fall back on, and bloggers who I can count on for inspiration.

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