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The world is wrong about…

DAY 16


… judging someone based entirely on first impressions.

Someone recently said that if she met someone for the first time and that person is grumpy, if that same grumpy person comes up to her the next day with a smile on his/her face and tries to talk with her, she is going to remember how grumpy that person was for the rest of her life, even if that certain person does not show a hint of grumpiness for the rest of their working life.

While first impressions are important because they leave a lasting good image, it does not always reflect his/her personality. I can be grumpy when I meet you, but did I curse you or berate you? I simply did not want to have a chat with you on that day because you did not know what I was going through at that moment. You do not know if I was coping with bad news of a relative or if someone/thing put me in a bad mood. You do not know me from a first impression. That is just judgmental. Maybe I am an outgoing person, but on that day we met for the first time, I was grumpy, simply because I was going through a tough time.

I can also be a fake.

I have a smile plaster on my face and I laugh at something you say while we shake hands as we’re introduced for the first time. I leave you a good lasting first impression, but do I really want to get to know you? I am only being nice because I have my eye on that promotion and I’m usually grumpy, but you like me from THAT first impression so you’re willing to overlook my dour mood, which is like most of the time!

So yes, while I agree that first impressions leave a lasting effect, I have to disagree with the world in judging someone solely base off first impressions.


I still stand by this and just recently, I was discussing this same topic with a friend. While it’s true that first impression never dies, meeting someone that you weren’t charmed by for the first time makes you judgemental if you’re not aware of what is going on in his/her life.

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