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My parents

DAY 14


My parents did enough to nurture my sisters and me into young women. Sometimes, there are days when I get mad at them for not giving more in my childhood, but Iโ€™ve come to understand it was all they could have given.

Dad reads a lot of material. It is safe to say I got my love of reading from him although he loathes fiction. He likes to read up on world history and we do argue on certain topics from time to time but I wonโ€™t trade those times for anything. Mom loves animals. She has rescued cats, dogs, birds and even chickens but I am holding out when she actually rescue a snake!

In short, I love my parents. They gave me two wonderful sisters and I thank God for them everyday especially when I hear/read about unfortunate parent/children relationships.


Yup, that’s my parents! And remember the Bible says to honor our mother and father.

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5 thoughts on “My parents”

    1. I know what you mean. I used to do it a lot too. Don’t worry, you’ll get rid of this habit one day. I used to dislike the apologizing part. Sometimes we’ll go for a few days without talking and that hurt the most.

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