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A love letter to my pet hate



Dear bandwagoners,

Yes, you football bandwagoners.

EVERY TIME a major football tournament come along, you’re the first to support a team you don’t know about and when that team is losing, you move on to another team. The World Cup is going on right now and from the beginning, the lot of you jumped on the wagon with the teams billed as favorite to win.

You then go as far to associate yourself with the team by using ‘we’. We? Excuse me, where were you when the team played friendlies in lead-up to the World Cup? Where were you when the team needed its supporters during a bad spell? Please stop it. You’re making a fool of yourself. Can you even name at least five players from the team? I didn’t think so, yet you’re all up in the team’s business.

You’re not totally enjoying the beautiful game if you don’t have a team to feel the joy of winning and the pain of losing.

I wish you bandwagoners go away.

Not so sincerely,

A passionate fan of the beautiful game.


I still dislike bandwagoners. It wasn’t really quite a love letter though!

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