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I’ve been pining to visit Paris.

I’ve been pining to go there and do ALL the things I’ve read and am still reading about.

To drink coffee at an intimate Parisian café, although I’ve read that their coffee is not always the best! To stand in front of Notre Dame that is regarded as one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture.

I’ve been pining to experience the thrill of visiting the Eiffel Tower. To visit the Louvre and see what the fuss is all about the La Gioconda. I pine to walk where King Louis XIV walked in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles. To stroll along Champs-Élysées the world’s grandest promenade by night. To shop at the Vallee Village, and to eat wonderful chocolate in Saint-Germain.

How I pine for Paris! Of red wine, over-priced croissants, and macarons, chocolate delights, late nights on the grand avenue, the Eiffel Tower, red wine …


I can’t top that pining feeling and sides, today is Bastille Day, the pinings are even stronger! Vive la France!

Eiffel Tower Paris France

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He blinked his eyes twice, three times. His memory still eluded him and he was getting agitated every breathing second he spent in the nice stranger’s home. Why couldn’t he remember his name, a piece of crucial identity to who he was? Why couldn’t he recall any events from his past life? 

“Please,” he pleadingly gazed up at the white ceiling. “Please, if you’re up there, and you can hear me, please help me remember the man that I am.”

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Happy Bastille Day!

July 14th, 1789.

Citizens of Paris stormed and destroyed a prison fortress known as the Bastille. The event became known as the Storming of the Bastille. On that eventful morning, the prison contained just seven inmates excluding the infamous Marquis de Sade who had been transferred to another prison earlier in the month.

Today is a public holiday in France simply known as Le quatorze Juillet (14th July) which we simply call Bastille Day in English. Happy Bastille Day, not only to the French but to Francophiles everywhere.

“Liberty Leading the People,” by Eugène Delacroix.

Top 10 facts about the Bastille via

1. The Bastille was originally a royal state prison built in the 1370s to defend Paris from the English during the Hundred Years War.

2. Once a busy state penitentiary, it only held seven prisoners when it was stormed.

3. The seven prisoners comprised four forgers, two lunatics and one aristocrat. 4. The aristocrat was Comte Hubert de Solages, whose family had asked for him to be imprisoned for committing incest with his sister.

5. One of the lunatics was an Anglo-Irish man named De Witt (or Whyte) who variously believed that he was either Julius Caesar, St. Louis, or God.

6. One freed prisoner is said to have refused to go until he had finished his roast pheasant dinner.

7. When the Bastille was demolished, a developer made a fortune selling off pieces as souvenirs.8. After the storming of the Bastille, its main key was given to the Marquis de Lafayette who later gave it to George Washington.

9. It can still be seen at the Washington mansion at Mount Vernon.

10. Billy the Kid was shot and killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett on Bastille Day 1881.




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Espresso Shots ☕

Too tired


I’ve been really trying to pull my weight around here, but it seems as if everything is just getting farther and farther away from me in terms of completing the challenges this month, updating regularly, and reading all the other awesome blogs.

Carola, I am yet to complete the quote challenge that you’ve nominated me for since 14 days ago. I can’t believe that I haven’t completed it as yet! Bear with me a little bit. I’ll eventually get to it, I promise.

My anemia is a little bit off-balance these days. I get all the energetic days in the morning, which I use up for work, and when the evening reaches, I am exhausted and out of it. I have to rest now, but I hope to be back on the weekend. Take care everyone.

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A love letter to my pet hate



Dear bandwagoners,

Yes, you football bandwagoners.

EVERY TIME a major football tournament come along, you’re the first to support a team you don’t know about and when that team is losing, you move on to another team. The World Cup is going on right now and from the beginning, the lot of you jumped on the wagon with the teams billed as favorite to win.

You then go as far to associate yourself with the team by using ‘we’. We? Excuse me, where were you when the team played friendlies in lead-up to the World Cup? Where were you when the team needed its supporters during a bad spell? Please stop it. You’re making a fool of yourself. Can you even name at least five players from the team? I didn’t think so, yet you’re all up in the team’s business.

You’re not totally enjoying the beautiful game if you don’t have a team to feel the joy of winning and the pain of losing.

I wish you bandwagoners go away.

Not so sincerely,

A passionate fan of the beautiful game.


I still dislike bandwagoners. It wasn’t really quite a love letter though!

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He was trying really hard to restrain himself, but when the judge called ‘Sustained,’ for the fourth time, Marcus lost it.

“Sustained? Lady, are you crazy? My client never–“

“Order in the court, Mr. –“

“No, I won’t be quiet! You’ve been nothing, but bias in your handling of this case since day one. Don’t take me for a fool.”

“Mr. da Díxon, you will be held in contempt of the–“

“I don’t care, lady,” the French lawyer dismissed the judge with a flick of his wrist, causing the jury to gasp in one accord. “I know the prosecutor here is your friend, so there is no need to pretend.”

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*sighs* Here I go again working on another new story. Would it ever end? 

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For Word-High July

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