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The boys in blue

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The boys in blue

come out to play,

one last game.

To ink their name

in the history book

to become heroes

in front of their nation.

The boys in blue

come out to play,

And today,

they won’t let anyoneΒ 

get in the way of victory.


Β© La Petit Muse 2016

This is dedicated to my favorite team in the entire world, Les Bleus.Β We have a final to play in under an hour. I hope Les Bleus can do their nation proud by giving their all. I know these boys. They’ll be playing with their hearts on the sleeve. They’ll be determined to go all out and win in front of their people. So, let’s do this and make Euro 2016 ours to remember.

Blue is also my favorite color. πŸ˜›

july 6

ForΒ Word-High July

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22 thoughts on “The boys in blue”

    1. Thanks so much Vinnieh! England have a young team and I hope that whoever takes over as manager will utilize their skills and abilities. They have lots of potential. ^.^

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      1. Thanks for the good words. It really annoys me that we have a good squad yet never seem to come into fruition. Oh well, hopefully the future holds good things for us.

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    2. England will come through for you. No worries about them. Look how long it took Portugal to win something major. Maybe the English will have a great upcoming WC campaign. Again, thank you, but it wasn’t to be.

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