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His wife’s arms

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Ray contently sighed when long limbs lovingly wrap around his tired frame. His wife always seems to be in sync with his wants and needs without him moving his lips to ask. Many times he had wanted to ask her how she did that, but in the quiet stillness of the house, and the rhythmic beating of two hearts as one, he knew the answer. 

She was home.

She was his peace.

He was serenity and she was tranquility.

© La Petit Muse 2016


I have no idea where that came from given that both words obviously mean the same thing, but I am absolutely LOVING Word-High July and I fall in love with each word as I continue to try to catch-up with the challenge. Ray is a character I’ve come to love over the years (yes, he’s old) given that he was my first ever character that I’ve given birth to. 

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For Word-High July

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