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I just couldn’t live without…



^  Toothpaste.

^  The internet. I tried but it was useless. It’s where I keep in touch with all my friends, share my opinions and take my classes.

^  Family.

^  The Bible. I read it every morning and I use it as a guide to my life.

^  Books. Without books, life is meaningless.

^  Water. It is very important to keep hydrated.

^  An important thing, electricity. Almost everything we do every day requires electricity.

^  Coffee.

^  A good cry every now and then.


Ha! It hasn’t changed! 🙂

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Challenges/Tags/Fun Stuff


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The moment she met his eyes across the room, memories came flooding back in quick powerful successions overwhelming her senses. 

Lazy Sunday mornings talking on the phone to each other. Slow walks on the beach hand in hand. Sweet-tongued promises of a future together. Shared cold treat at the local coffee shop. Stolen kisses when no one was looking.

She walked away when it looked like he was going to approach her. Those things were in the past now, and she did not want to be reminded of what could’ve been by his touch on her skin.

© La Petit Muse 2016


I could barely keep my eyes awake as I try to come up with words for this beautiful word. I’ll try to catch up this weekend. I need to sleep. I’m sorry it couldn’t be better.

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