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My five favorite words in English (or any language)



Love. This is a universal thing. It should never be limited. Jesus Christ showed the perfect example of love when he said ‘Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. Isn’t it always nice to know that you love someone and they love you back?

Mum. Like love, this is universal. We only have one mother and we should cherish and love her like no other, no matter what.

Sanctimonious. I just love the word! It is also the title of my current personal writing project I’m working on in the spare time. My favorite way to use it thus far has been, ‘You sanctimonious bastard!’ It’s my favorite over-9-letter word.

UnSub. It’s not really a word, but I’ve been using this term a lot whenever I talk/read thrillers. When I’m into a James Patterson book, I’m like ‘I wonder if the character I chose as the UnSub is the right one?’ (I’m mostly right) If you’re a Criminal Minds fan like me, then you’ll know the term means ‘Unknown subject’.

J’adore. French for ‘I adore you’. I am a sucker for a French accent and J’adore leaving the lips of a Frenchman does it for me. I love how the word sounds and I can say it all day: J’adore. J’adore. J’adore! Of course, I don’t have a French accent so it doesn’t come near as sexy when a French native says it.


*Laughs* I think those words are unchanged. I still incorporate those words in my every day use, but since I’ve reignited my love for French, I love words such as Bonjour, Salut, S’il vous plaît and Monsieur.

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