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Word of the day: Quinquagenarian

I get excited whenever I come across long words. If they’re hard to pronounce, I spend the next few minutes trying to get it right. Then, I try using the word in a sentence.ย 

Quinquagenarian refers to a person who is 50-years-old or a person between 50 and 59.

My sentence using the word of the day:

^ The quinquagenarian was still considered a man of style.

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Why, hello, July!

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I have been writing every day, over on my football blog, that is, and I am proud of this. However, the Euro 2016 tournament is coming to a close and I am reminded of this as the month of July kicks off today. I don’t have lots of plans for July at the moment, but let’s see what’s in store.

^ I’ve read all the books by James Patterson I set out to last month and now I’ve been gifted five more. This calls for a celebration!

I just REALLY like this GIF! It’s my go-to-happy GIF!

^ Apart from the JP novels, my bookshelf is ridiculously jam packed and I have to start weeding. There are books I may never read again, books I am yet to read, and books that probably needs to be dumped.ย 

^ Challenges! I am yet to decide what I am going to do this month, given that I may not have the time to write something every day. I am reevaluating my life and the music I used to listen to, I’ve replaced them with softer, God-loving songs. That means I also have to watch what I read, write and watch. Big changes are happening in my life and I know they are for the best. I’ve accepted this and there is no going back, only forward.ย 

^ I am looking forward to research for a new series simply titleย Travel Diaries. It’s supposed to be educational, so I can’t wait to get started on this new project for my friends and family. I’m actually doing this for my girl who has big aspirations and dreams of ‘flying’.ย 

^ I hope to work on short stories this month as well in terms of creative writing because I kind of suck at CW.

With that in mind, I welcome July and remember to…

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