The Community


So beautiful! One for the future! Don’t stop dreaming!


In my mind I paint a picture, through it hope that you can see

My dreams and all my wishes of what our lives one day will be

I see us sharing everything; our hopes, our dreams, and tears

Supplying strength to one another, overcoming buried fears

A portion of our love, with humanity weโ€™ll share

So that all the lives we touch will know, without a doubt, we care

To the children of our world, love and laughter freely give;

Help them understand, they too, create the world in which they live

All this, and more together, in our mountain home one day

With all Godโ€™s other creatures, weโ€™ll be free to romp and play

As the holidays approach, weโ€™ll cut our Christmas tree

It will reflect our love, for all the world to see

Clinging to each other, and yet with love to give

In my dreams thisโ€ฆ

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