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30 Day Song Challenge: Day 9

song challenge

Challenge: a song that you can dance to

At the moment, I can dance to any Bollywood item songs.

‘Pyar Ki Pungi’ from Agent Vinod. Saif Ali Khan’s dancing was pretty funny and awesome at the same time and it makes me want to get up and groove along with him. Saif was Bollywood’s answer to James Bond in this film.

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I can feel this. I can sense this. I can taste this. a STUNNING VISUAL MASTERPIECE! Sarah, you keep outdoing yourself with every word you write. This is too beautiful. ❤

Sarah Doughty


The air was sweet with maple and pine, and the flowers tasted like sugar and spice as the last of the rain fell and sunbeams broke through the clouds. But nothing compared to the intoxicating scent of your skin that glistened with the same droplets.

© Sarah Doughty

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By the Mighty Mumford

Darkness –sun’s gone down–

Parking lights on on the grounds…

Things seem secure,

I’ll see on my tour,

Whatever  needs writing down.

Camera irises widen,

More ambient light providing…

Spot lights in places

Reveal animal faces,

Caught between shock and flight.

Things quiet down in here,

The workers are less this year…

If they go

Surely I know,

We’ll be the only ones left, that’s clear!

–Jonathan Caswell

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The Community


By the Mighty Mumford

(Comments are welcome)

Women here say it’s okay to look,

Just don’t stare, writing a book…

Faces are fine

Above that breast line,

But bosoms indeed are a hook.

Some men advocate bouncing

One’s eyes to lessen mounting…

Tension to act

When self control cracks,

Some girls their assets are flouncing.

In this day and age it’s sad,

Objectifying  women is bad…

If we could we’d say

Take that stuff all away,

Our minds are so easily had!

–Jonathan Caswell

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