Les Bleus! The Path to Euro 2016

I am ready to share what I’ve been working on in my spare time. It is not entirely completed though. This football fan fiction is my very own tribute to both the beautiful game and my utmost favorite team of all time, Les Bleus. I wanted to introduce the story with a BANG! but in the end, I just decide to ‘go with it’ for I want to have it up in time for Euro 2016 which kicks off this Friday. The story was actually written for me to work on my dialogue so scenery might be a little dull. I am working on my writing weakness bit by bit, tackling one issue at a time.

Without further adieu, My Heart Beats Football presentsย Les Bleus! The Path to Euro 2016.

โ€œIn summing up most of these tweets, football fans think that youโ€™re an absolute lunatic and they feel sorry for Les Bleus.โ€

โ€œThey wonโ€™t be feeling sorry when we win the Euro,โ€

Marcus da Dรญxon is a young football coach who is given the monumental task of overseeing the French national football team to Euro 2016 โ€“ which takes place in France โ€“ along with his mirror identical twin, Ray. When Marcus first takes charge of the team the boys are quite scared of him and they volunteer their captain, Hugo Lloris to speak on their behalf. Marcus makes it clear to the boys that he didnโ€™t take the position to slack off and he certainly wonโ€™t be tolerating bad conduct, given Franceโ€™s notorious brushes with embarrassment prior/during tournaments.

They lose, win and draw some friendlies, but Marcus isnโ€™t happy with the team. He thinks theyโ€™re lacking spirit and passion. Then Karim Benzema finds himself embroiled in teammate Mathieu Valbuenaโ€™s sex tape investigation and the FFF is forced to make a decision regarding the menโ€™s participation in the competition which takes place in June.

How would the coach deal with this crisis? Would things get better or would it cause a rift within the team? And would the French overcome and win Euro 2016?


Youโ€™re about to indulge in a work of fiction.

A fair warning about the Marcus character:

^ He is not a Pep Guardiola.

^ He is very blunt.

^ He might say things that could/would offend some people, but bear in mind; this is a parody, a work of fiction, so there is no need to work up a sweat.

^ This is the first callousย (well, kind of! :P) character of this type I am attempting, so I might have gone overboard at some point.

^ He is going to dislike a lot of things, people, and teamsย because this is who he is.

^ He is going to take a dig/stab at people in world football.

^ He is fearless and shameless.

^ He doesnโ€™t ask for respect. He takes it.

To give a little visual:ย Heโ€™s French duh! Looks like Clement Becqโ€ฆ

โ€ฆbut with piercing ocean blue eyes and dark auburn hair. He stands at 5โ€™11 and when heโ€™s not coaching, he likes relaxing at home in Paris or in Bordeaux.


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