Euro 2016: 03 days to go: a fantastic fan fiction!

My first full-length story that I’ll be sharing. Don’t go easy on me.

My Heart Beats Football

Les Bleus Euro Path

In April I announced that I was working on a Les Bleus fan fiction:


It was supposed to be my tribute to Les Bleus and the beautiful game, but due to my busy schedules, it was never ready in time.It still isnโ€™t, but I want to share what I have. I want to introduce a character you might love to hate or hate to love in Marcus da Dรญxon, the coach of France alongside his assistant coach, identical mirror twin, Ray da Dรญxon.ย 


Football is a huge part of my life ever since Les Bleus in 1998 and itโ€™s been a major love affair of sorts over the years for us. Weโ€™ve had our ups, downs, happy times, sad times and even embarrassing moments. This year weโ€™ll be contesting the Euro 2016 in our court (France) and I can only hope for the bestโ€ฆ

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