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30 Day Song Challenge: Day 3

song challenge

Challenge: a song that makes you happy

At the moment, it’s tukur-tukur-tukur-tukur-tukur-tukur-tukur dekh taka tak! 

When I first watched Dilwale (Yes, I saw it multiple times!), I fell in love every single track and ‘Tukur Tukur‘ by Arijit Singh was the happiest thing I’ve heard for 2015 and at the moment, it is still my go-to happy song.

Chahne wale tere jitne hazaar sanam
Badh ke humse nahi honge dildaar sanam
Ye zamana hai bewafa (toh)
Ye zamana hai bewafa (haaye)
Mile mushkil se wafadaar koi baalma

Tukur-tukur tukur-tukur tukur-tukur
Dekh taka tak