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#MayBookPrompts Challenge: Day 31

May Book Prompts

Challenge: Life, the Universe, and Everything

This is the last day of the challenge. Kind of sad that it has to end here. 😦 Thank you, Sarah and MahWrites for hosting this challenge.

She was his life, his universe, his everything, that’s why when she was caught red-handed in a lie; he found it hard to believe her and was ever ready to forgive her.

© La Petit Muse 2016



Living for God. God is always good to me and I am trying to be good to Him on a daily basis. I put God before anything else because I trust Him over people for He always has my back. 💙

4 thoughts on “#MayBookPrompts Challenge: Day 31

    1. Yes! I had fun doing it and the most important thing was writing something every day even if I had to rush home sometimes to do so. I look forward to your future challenges.

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