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#MayBookPrompts Challenge: Day 24

May Book Prompts

Challenge: The Lovely Bones

Jem was not anorexic. She was far from it, but because she was skinny and drawn like a straight line, she was mercilessly picked on. She hated her fast metabolism, but there was nothing she could do about it. She tried to stay fit by going to the gym, but whispers wondering why she was even there made her stop.

Then there was the matter of love.

She never thought someone would love her back in return. All the boys she had crushes on were already taken, out of her league, or gay. But when Brandon walked into her life, he accepted her and appreciated her, lovely bones and all.

NOTE: Some women body shame other women without stopping to think about the consequences it may cause. Some fail to realize that slim women (the ones with the flat chest and no bum) have feelings and need love too.

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