#MayBookPrompts Challenge: Day 9

May Book Prompts

Taking two days away from the blog proved to be a good thing! I am anemic and during the past few weeks or so, I’ve been feeling weak and tired. I’m all rested now, but I still have to take things light. It feels good to be back though so without further adieu…

Challenge: A Thousand Splendid Suns

I readย The Kite Runnerย from Khaled Hosseini and I thought it was good, but I have not read this book. I don’t know if I may read it though.

For this challenge, I went with a lyric. I do write song lyrics from time to time and although this is not my best, here we go…

I woke up ย 

With the future on my mind

And thatโ€™s when I made the painful decision

to leave the small city for the big town

Packed my bags to leave for the bus station,

But something in this town wonโ€™t let me go

And just like every other day when I think about leaving,

I put the bags down and turn up for my 9 to 5 at Tomโ€™s



Another day gone

Another day wasted,

As I watch my dreams disappear

Into a thousand splendid, a thousand splendid suns!

ยฉ La Petit Muse 2016


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