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#MayBookPrompts Challenge: Day 9

May Book Prompts

Taking two days away from the blog proved to be a good thing! I am anemic and during the past few weeks or so, I’ve been feeling weak and tired. I’m all rested now, but I still have to take things light. It feels good to be back though so without further adieu…

Challenge: A Thousand Splendid Suns

I read The Kite Runner from Khaled Hosseini and I thought it was good, but I have not read this book. I don’t know if I may read it though.

For this challenge, I went with a lyric. I do write song lyrics from time to time and although this is not my best, here we go…

I woke up  

With the future on my mind

And that’s when I made the painful decision

to leave the small city for the big town

Packed my bags to leave for the bus station,

But something in this town won’t let me go

And just like every other day when I think about leaving,

I put the bags down and turn up for my 9 to 5 at Tom’s


Another day gone

Another day wasted,

As I watch my dreams disappear

Into a thousand splendid, a thousand splendid suns!

© La Petit Muse 2016

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