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#MayBookPrompts Challenge: Day 8

May Book Prompts

Challenge: Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil

This title has such a Shakespearian feel to it don’t it? This non-fiction work was written by John Berendt. Another Southern Gothic book I have to read. Yesterday, I posted an excerpt from my new yet to be titled story. For this challenge, I’ll post another from it.

Mama Grimshaw was keen on getting the white man away from her kin. When midnight struck, she shed her clothes save for a girded loincloth around her wide hips as she evoked spirits in the garden of good and evil. She used her voodoo magic to call upon the wickedest spirits hoping to cast the right spell and drive out the Frenchman.

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magic pink smoke...  casting a strong spell in the vapors....leaves one in A state of confusion.:

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