Bumpin’ to ‘Help Me’

Image: Google Search

I wish I could define
All the thoughts that crossed my mind
They seem too big for me to choose
I don’t know which ones to lose
When I’m falling down so far
I think I’ll never see your light
Bouncing off of me
Shining down here from your eyes

‘Help Me’ by Nick Carter is my favorite song of his. I love the fact that the song doesn’t glamorize sex, girls, fame, or even money. I remember reading how this song helped some people through their depression period. It’s a very powerful song simply because it’s about making life decisions and the lyrics are relatable.

I like the fact that Nick is a musician first and foremost and whether his solo career is successful or not, he makes the music he wants to and what he feels like making instead of following trends. Even his videos are all about the music most of the time.

Help me
Figure out the difference
Between right and wrong
Weak and strong
Day and night
Where I belong and
Help me
Make the right decisions
Know which way to turn
Lessons to learn
And just what my purpose is here


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