Showdown: Krrish v G.One

For Bollywood Thursday, I’ve decided to do a fun post and go the superhero route as I am working on my very own superhero. There aren’t a lot of superheroes to choose from, but I have two clear favorites. Hrithik Roshan as the ever graceful Krrish:

And Shah Rukh Khan as the charming, but cheeky G.One (Good One):

Krrish and G.One should have their own film where they either duke it out or unite to fight the force of evil. Either way, I will be intrigued.

Krrish v G.One

If they were to duke it out Batman v Superman style, this fight can go on and on given not their strengths, but their determination to battle for the one/s they love. Krrish might eventually win given that he is human with unique super powers (He can claim G.One’s H.A.R.T. for the victory) whilst G.One is a game character/computer powered by electricity.


G.One wins hands down because I’m wayyy over flying capes and face masks. Plus, blue is my favorite color.


Krrish is already a successful franchise having already shot 3 films with a possible 4th in the pipeline. Ra.One is yet to confirm a sequel although SRK is eager to do one.


Ra.One wins! This movie changed the techno game in B-Wood. It was wonderfully executed on Hollywood standards. I remember comparing it to the first Krrish film and I was thinking, ‘What if Krrish had the technology team that Ra.One had?’ for some of Hrithik’s stunts – especially where he was flying through the air – wasn’t believable.


G.One wins this one hands down! The train stunt did it for me. I keep rewinding back to the train stunt whenever I pop in the DVD. I was sold by the VFX in this film.

Krrish on the other hand performed well, but the special effects weren’t that good.

Chemistry with the Heroine

Priyanka Chopra and SRK is dirty sexy chemistry! Priyanka made a cameo in the beginning of Ra.One and it was more than the chemistry she and Hrithik shared in Krrish.

Kareena Kapoor & SRK’s chemistry in Ra.One was a 4/5.

Hrithik & Priyanka a 3/5.


Hrithik is a great dancer. He is one of the better dancers to grace B-Wood screens.

As for SRK, he can hold his own pretty well.


I don’t really care for Greek god bodies. I prefer brains, but DAYUM! SRK’s physique (airbrushed or not) for Ra.One was all sorts of amazing!

As for Hrithik, well, his physique is always fine.

*** Images & GIFs via Google Search


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