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Thursday Ten: a little Q&A

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I am excited to start this new category! I pretty much don’t like having my personal life all over the place, but 10 random Q&As won’t hurt. I’ll try to make it a little fun. 😛

1. What is your idea of happiness?

Doing what I love, which is writing and blogging. Spending time with the family and seeing others smile. Simplicity is my happiness.

2. Are you ever curious?

Well, I like discovering new things and ain’t nothing wrong with healthy curiosity.

3. Who inspires you?

Any and everything. From the woman scrubbing toilets at work to the little child trying to be an old man before his time.

4. Favorite musician of all time?

5. Who has the most influence on you?

Jesus Christ.

6. Do you care what others think about you?

No. I don’t give an Eiffel Tower.

7. What are you currently reading now?

Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings and James Patterson’s Roses Are Red.

8. If you could have been born in a different time period, when would it be?

As a history fanatic, I can’t just pinpoint one specific period. When Jesus walked the earth, when King Louis XIV was King of France and when Pharaohs ruled Egypt.

9. What is a skill you’ll like to learn?

Is having a way with words one because I’ll like to have a way with them!

10. Did you ever have a toon crush?

Who didn’t! Mine was an anime, though. THIS guy:



Living for God. God is always good to me and I am trying to be good to Him on a daily basis. I put God before anything else because I trust Him over people for He always has my back. 💙

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