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A reminder to thank the Lord ALWAYS!

By the Mighty Mumford

We praise the Most High God,

For sending us abroad…


Jesus Christ our King,

Of Whom nations will be awed!

Praise God for the common things,

Like  love and a wife who sings…

For tax returns

And money earned

And  stable wedding rings.

Thanks too for eyes to see,

But not stare at beauty…

For cleaning up

A Reader’s cup,

By choice–not just duty!

Thank you for the folks who care

For unable people out there…

Brightening days

Innumerable ways,

While paid–still showing their care.

Thank You Lord for continuing Love,

By choice and from above…

As one flesh

Our souls mesh

Conforming to our Father’s way!

And Lord for those cured

Of sickness they’d endured…

For me too

When I’m blue,

Salvation is assured.

–Jonathan Caswell

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