Les Bleus: The Path to Euro 2016!

Turning out to be one heck of a ride! And it turns out, being NASTY ain’t so bad after all! 😛

My Heart Beats Football

Girl, Support, Scream, Motivation, France, Flag

A few months aback, I apologized for my lack of posts and I went on hiatus for a short while. I also mentioned that I was working on a Les Bleus fiction of sorts. Well, I still have lots of chapters to write and it’s exciting and thrilling at the same time for I’ve never written anything like it before!

I don’t know how many of you footy fanatics out there likes to read football fics, but if you happen to come across this post, I’ll appreciate feedback. 🙂 Editing is on-going.

A short excerpt:

The game started well for France, but better for Brazil, so when Varane scored the first goal, Marcus didn’t break into celebration with the Stade de France. He was watching Brazil and how hungry they were on the ball. He never disliked a team more than Brazil. In the 40th minute, Oscar tips the…

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