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Photo Challenge Wednesday: TTHTI Iron Chef 2016

The Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality & Tourism Insitute held their version of Iron Chef 2016 last Friday. My friend, Tammy and I attended the event and we were blown away by the talent. Every participant is a winner in our book.

12998739_1521541938153151_5348407774525088298_n.jpg (960×575):

12991066_1521541671486511_6351218743661957204_n.jpg (575×960):

My favorite butter sculpture!

12961726_1521541554819856_8725279324686466650_n.jpg (575×960):

Elijah hard at work on my favorite piece. His concentration never wavered.

12985618_1521536334820378_6841239812038341864_n.jpg (575×960):

I edited this one via Facebook hence the cute sticker 🙂

12933139_1521536091487069_420010659641807013_n.jpg (960×575):

Chef Mahadeo & his partner was Team Avant Garde. This boy has a bright future ahead of him. Yes, Facebook edited too. I’m a sucker for stickers!


Avant Garde’s presentation


Tammy took some photos also and with her permission, I can share a few.



Inspiration & Words

Pink love

There were days I dreamt of having you,

And nights I cried my face off,

Leaving my cheeks completely blue,

I don’t anymore because God has sent you,

My darling,

My joy,

My life,

My support,

I need you even more,

I love you forevermore,

As we sit side by side,

As the days slowly pass us by,

I had once gave up on love,

The one the Most High had all along,

He was patiently preparing from above,

The mistakes I made,

Had drowned my heart in shame,

But until you came,

My life has been rearranged,

We shall never depart,

Until death do us part,

We’ll remain forever as from the start,

This love we share,

The pink flowers around don’t you see them cheer?



Oh they’re everywhere,

Let’s stay together,

Under the umbrella,

Enchanting melodies of our favorite long songs

© Tammy