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Photo Challenge Wednesday: TTHTI Iron Chef 2016

The Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality & Tourism Insitute held their version of Iron Chef 2016 last Friday. My friend, Tammy and I attended the event and we were blown away by the talent. Every participant is a winner in our book.

12998739_1521541938153151_5348407774525088298_n.jpg (960ร—575):

12991066_1521541671486511_6351218743661957204_n.jpg (575ร—960):

My favorite butter sculpture!

12961726_1521541554819856_8725279324686466650_n.jpg (575ร—960):

Elijah hard at work on my favorite piece. His concentration never wavered.

12985618_1521536334820378_6841239812038341864_n.jpg (575ร—960):

I edited this one via Facebook hence the cute sticker ๐Ÿ™‚

12933139_1521536091487069_420010659641807013_n.jpg (960ร—575):

Chef Mahadeo & his partner was Team Avant Garde. This boy has a bright future ahead of him. Yes, Facebook edited too. I’m a sucker for stickers!


Avant Garde’s presentation


Tammy took some photos also and with her permission, I can share a few.



Inspiration & Words

Pink love

There were days I dreamt of having you,

And nights I cried my face off,

Leaving my cheeks completely blue,

I donโ€™t anymore because God has sent you,

My darling,

My joy,

My life,

My support,

I need you even more,

I love you forevermore,

As we sit side by side,

As the days slowly pass us by,

I had once gave up on love,

The one the Most High had all along,

He was patiently preparing from above,

The mistakes I made,

Had drowned my heart in shame,

But until you came,

My life has been rearranged,

We shall never depart,

Until death do us part,

Weโ€™ll remain forever as from the start,

This love we share,

The pink flowers around donโ€™t you see them cheer?



Oh theyโ€™re everywhere,

Letโ€™s stay together,

Under the umbrella,

Enchanting melodies of our favorite long songs

ยฉ Tammy