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May Book Prompts

I’ve been looking for a new challenge for May. I think this may suffice.

Sarah Doughty

You know how all the famous authors out there always say that writers need to write every day if they’re going to evolve and continue to improve their craft? They’re right.

There’s things like National Poetry Writing Month and National Novel Writing Month that exist to help people with this very issue. To help push us writers to write, write, and write some more. It trains us to make writing a part of our daily routine.

But then again, sometimes we run into snags and find ourselves unsure of what to write. That, my friends, is writer’s block. Sometimes all we need is a little bit of direction to get those creative juices flowing.

That’s why Mah of MahWrites (instagram @emotionally.inconstant) and I have teamed up to give you a whole month worth of prompts. For the entire month of May, a book title will serve as the prompt…

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A reminder to thank the Lord ALWAYS!

By the Mighty Mumford

We praise the Most High God,

For sending us abroad…


Jesus Christ our King,

Of Whom nations will be awed!

Praise God for the common things,

Like  love and a wife who sings…

For tax returns

And money earned

And  stable wedding rings.

Thanks too for eyes to see,

But not stare at beauty…

For cleaning up

A Reader’s cup,

By choice–not just duty!

Thank you for the folks who care

For unable people out there…

Brightening days

Innumerable ways,

While paid–still showing their care.

Thank You Lord for continuing Love,

By choice and from above…

As one flesh

Our souls mesh

Conforming to our Father’s way!

And Lord for those cured

Of sickness they’d endured…

For me too

When I’m blue,

Salvation is assured.

–Jonathan Caswell

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#NaNoWriMo, #CampNaNo, #Writing & #NaNo Critique Groups

Brickley Jules Writes

I’m in need of a critique group/beta reader

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I’ve had people suggest links in the past to different sites and I was keeping track of those on a list which has disappeared.

I’ve been incredible lucky to have found several great authors in the writing community willing to give me advice and suggestions.  Their help has been amazing!  But as the saying goes I don’t want to wear out my welcome.

I need someone to read my stuff and give me feedback on a regular basis.  I’m willing to do the same.  Not necessary grammar related more things like if the story is flowing or if parts are redundant.

I currently have a two stories that I would love some feedback on.  One is a mermaid romance I’ve been calling it a fantasy erotic romance but it may be more fantasy young adult romance if there…

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Late night thoughts

You can’t win every single time. Sometimes we have to lose in order to analyze our strengths and weaknesses. Strengths and weaknesses we think we may not possess. It feels good to be on top, to be large and in charge, but sometimes we need to lose to be reminded of our very humble beginnings.

Life is a gamble. It’s okay to take risks and it’s also okay to fail, but never scorn trying.

Starry Stars during at Night Time

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Behind the lens! 📸

Photo Challenge Wednesday: TTHTI Iron Chef 2016

The Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality & Tourism Insitute held their version of Iron Chef 2016 last Friday. My friend, Tammy and I attended the event and we were blown away by the talent. Every participant is a winner in our book.

12998739_1521541938153151_5348407774525088298_n.jpg (960×575):

12991066_1521541671486511_6351218743661957204_n.jpg (575×960):

My favorite butter sculpture!

12961726_1521541554819856_8725279324686466650_n.jpg (575×960):

Elijah hard at work on my favorite piece. His concentration never wavered.

12985618_1521536334820378_6841239812038341864_n.jpg (575×960):

I edited this one via Facebook hence the cute sticker 🙂

12933139_1521536091487069_420010659641807013_n.jpg (960×575):

Chef Mahadeo & his partner was Team Avant Garde. This boy has a bright future ahead of him. Yes, Facebook edited too. I’m a sucker for stickers!


Avant Garde’s presentation


Tammy took some photos also and with her permission, I can share a few.



Inspiration & Words

Pink love

There were days I dreamt of having you,

And nights I cried my face off,

Leaving my cheeks completely blue,

I don’t anymore because God has sent you,

My darling,

My joy,

My life,

My support,

I need you even more,

I love you forevermore,

As we sit side by side,

As the days slowly pass us by,

I had once gave up on love,

The one the Most High had all along,

He was patiently preparing from above,

The mistakes I made,

Had drowned my heart in shame,

But until you came,

My life has been rearranged,

We shall never depart,

Until death do us part,

We’ll remain forever as from the start,

This love we share,

The pink flowers around don’t you see them cheer?



Oh they’re everywhere,

Let’s stay together,

Under the umbrella,

Enchanting melodies of our favorite long songs

© Tammy

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Emotions We Feel but Can’t Explain.

In love with words and I love whenever I cross path with a new one. The word ‘rubatosis’ though! I’ll be adding it to my dictionary.


12 Emotions We Feel, but Can’t Explain …

There are plenty of emotions that we feel on a daily basis, but have trouble explaining to others.

However, there are actually words out there that describe those common feelings perfectly.

That means you no longer have to struggle to tell your friends what’s on your mind.

You can just say one of the following words and then hand them a dictionary:


Vemodenal is the frustration of photographing something amazing when thousands of identical photos already exist—the same sunset, the same waterfall, the same curve of a hip, the same closeup of an eye—which can turn a unique subject into something hollow and pulpy and cheap, like a mass-produced piece of furniture you happen to have assembled yourself.


Dysania is “the state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning.” There’s a similar word, called clinomania…

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These words speaks volumes about spirituality and the need to urgently re/connect with the Higher Force.

By the Mighty Mumford

Not going to church leaves an ache,

Only so much milk I can take…

Meat to chew–

Thoughtfully, too–

I haven’t grown on cake!

A few programs I’d guess

Do promote holiness…

Worshiping with your own

Is hard from home,

Symptoms of loneliness.

I fit easily in a slot–

Without my friends I’m caught–


Thinking of “me”,

Braving the Accuser’s onslaught.

–Jonathan Caswell

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