Random thoughts…


I logged on with the intention to write a post about scene stealing stories, but instead, I am sitting in front of the laptop just staring at the screen as my thoughts wander. And they’re not that interesting, but…

^ God has ALWAYS been good to me. With Him, I never lack or want.

^ PSG can beat Chelsea, play Real Madrid, go on to beat them and win the Champions League.

^ FC Barcelona can win the treble again and become the first team to win the CL back to back.

^ I miss blogging about football although I still follow all the games.

^ Rihanna’s voice is really annoying. Someone is playing her new song really loud and it’s getting on my very last nerves! Work? Derp? Couldn’t she have come up with better, stronger lyrics?

^ I like kissing! In my stories that is. It irks me to no point when I can’t write the most perfect kiss. A small smooch can also leave readers wanting more once the characters have the right chemistry. My favorite kiss to date. Well, one of…

^ I can’t wait for Shah Rukh Khan Sir new film! Fan is going to rock and take all the plaudits for SRK is going to be on top of his game in 2016.

^ I love animals, but I don’t have the patience to take care of them. It’s a good thing I don’t own a pet, although my mother’s cat is attached to me. She’s like an adorable muse for me.

^ I want to trade lives with James Patterson. I can write all the stories I want without a thought for the loyal readers and stamp my name on my friends’ books as a collab although I know their story sucks.

^ Pronouncing Hindi is easy. Writing it is the hardest part.

^ I know I promised to share excerpts from A Slim Chance at Love, but I am currently revising/editing my very first novel. Maybe I’ll share some excerpts from that soon.

^ My current stories are like a Bollywood movie without songs and I think it’s a good thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

^ I really need to update my blog often even if it’s just 4 days a week!

^ If I was a man I’d dress like this…

When Only Black Will Do:

scarf is the cherry on top, very sexy:

Man, Work, Think, Laptop, Professional, Young, Person

Ah, there! All empty now. I think I need to refuel so I’m off to bed now.


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