Pinterest: Shah Rukh Khan and classy males

Pinterest collage

It feels good to be back!

Due to the hectic schedule, I am keeping lately I’ve taken a mini hiatus from Pinterest and I have not been active on here, something which I am desperately trying to make up for and if it doesn’t work out in a few months from now, I’ll be forced to close up shop.

Anyway, I’ve been back on Pinterest for a week now and I have been pinning non-stop. I created a few new boards and I am now up to 111 boards. Today, I am going to share a few pins from my two popular boards at the moment.

SHAH RUKH KHAN:  921 pins

SRK is in hot demand and he’s going to have a memorable 2016 that can rival that of his best year in Bollywood. He has two movies geared for release this year (Fan, Raees) and currently shooting another.Wait, there’s more! The third installment of Don is said to be in the works. SRK is having one of the busiest time of his life and I am certain he is loving it.

He works hard and I adore him for this.


My MOST favorite photo of the week! 🙂

srk & gauri for d'decor:

Shah & Guari Khan looks beautiful in this photo

Shah Rukh and Gauri khan....cutest couple ever!:

I like them as a couple!


I love the stubble!


Bollywood romance at its best! I love how he looks at Deepika & I love how she looks at him. A favorite jodi of mine.

OUI MONSIEUR: 930 pins

Men fashion has and still is evolving and had I been born a man, I would’ve been racking up the credit on coats, shoes, hats, bracelets, bags, cufflinks… I love a man who knows how to dress. A classy man who cares about appearance when in the presence of a lady.

This is my favorite board to date so forgive me if I get carry away.


The glove & the bag!

Shahrukh Khan for Tag Heuer:

SRK keeping it classy

ealuxe: Ealuxe | Tumblr | Facebook | Pinterest:

The watch is cool, but the bracelets are even cooler.

Blue Shoes for Men:

K-K-Killer blue shoes!

sweater under blazer:

Rocking the sweater under the blazer look.

Slim suit:

Who doesn’t love a man in a suit?

Black on green:

Black on green anyone?


Just call him Mr. Daper.

Poet. Thinker. Philosopher. The look of the Artist. Ribbed turtle neck with burgundy polka dot scarf for a splash of color.:

This was the photo that started this board. I was looking for character inspiration for a poet, artist, entertainer, genius…in short an all-rounder. I love the ribbed turtle neck, but the burgundy polka dot scarf was the main attraction.


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