Writing 101: Making the best out of an awkward situation

Good evening/night/afternoon/morning.


I am here to tell you how to make the best out of a real life embarrassing moment for your story.

Not really.

Remember my last fess-up? Well, I’ve decided to use it for the good of storytelling! Sometimes embarrassing situations happen to us which may humble and remind us that we’re not perfect. As a writer, I can use the situation to my advantage in a story to give it a personal touch allowing readers to connect and feel. That’s what writers do anyways. Okay, maybe not all, but if something upsets you, don’t let that awkward situation run away. Use it for inspiration next time. Readers want real characters and when writers give them what they want, they’ll always come back for more.

Give your  readers a character they can relate to. A character that they can connect with long after they’ve come to ‘The End’.

amwriting 1


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