Inspiration & Words

Beauty’s lost love

Once again, I share another poem from Tammy. The images are also supplied by her.


Love come love goes,
It melts the soul sometimes fast or really slow,
Once said beauty,
To the prince of her dreams which is now just only painted in her,
Dark reality,
Met him at one of the fairest balls,
Down escaping into the clear skies,
Midway into the rich gold halls,
Green eyes danced in glee,
Holding hands in the sun and in the seas,
This was love not a fantasy,
No really said beauty it was love not a fantasy,
Romantic picnics by the running blue lakes,
Poured expensive mashed grapes into the mouth,
As the sweet aroma of roses intakes,
Diamond ring placed on the indicated marriage finger,
Cried over joyous tears, didn’t want the wed day to linger,
One day Mr. Love was on a trip to Venice,
“I promise I will be back” he retorted on his one bended knee,
Beauty believed her love is words and smiled at the time,
But that promise wasn’t back not in a wink of an eye,
Days turned into weeks and as months turned into years,
Beauty’s happiness was replaced by endless tears,
Sleep wasn’t needed anymore,
The rose love gave her withered with rootless sores,
She cried and cried until the meaning of cry didn’t exist any longer,
No consumption for years just dragged and rolled in hunger,
Mother and father got disturbed and left beauty to finish rot,
The greenness left her pupil now just filled with unwashed dust,
Love never returned,
Not one winter,
Not one summer,
Not one autumn,
Not any of the seasons whatsoever,
Her nails engraved before beauty’s expiration day,
Written by beauty’s last breath and decay.

© Tammy


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