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I know I promise to share several raw unedited excerpts from A Slim Chance at Love, which I’ll eventually get around to posting, but I’ll be editing my first attempt on a novel I’ve been working on since 2010, and yes, I did the right writer thing and found myself an editor. But no rush. I’m reading the second draft with fresh new eyes (haven’t picked the story up for a couple of months), and I’m not the best at correcting grammatical errors, but I’m looking forward to working on the story with my editor.

And to all the writers currently pouring over their work, working on their first or second or even third draft, happy editing!

Inspiration & Words

Beauty’s lost love

Once again, I share another poem from Tammy. The images are also supplied by her.


Love come love goes,
It melts the soul sometimes fast or really slow,
Once said beauty,
To the prince of her dreams which is now just only painted in her,
Dark reality,
Met him at one of the fairest balls,
Down escaping into the clear skies,
Midway into the rich gold halls,
Green eyes danced in glee,
Holding hands in the sun and in the seas,
This was love not a fantasy,
No really said beauty it was love not a fantasy,
Romantic picnics by the running blue lakes,
Poured expensive mashed grapes into the mouth,
As the sweet aroma of roses intakes,
Diamond ring placed on the indicated marriage finger,
Cried over joyous tears, didn’t want the wed day to linger,
One day Mr. Love was on a trip to Venice,
“I promise I will be back” he retorted on his one bended knee,
Beauty believed her love is words and smiled at the time,
But that promise wasn’t back not in a wink of an eye,
Days turned into weeks and as months turned into years,
Beauty’s happiness was replaced by endless tears,
Sleep wasn’t needed anymore,
The rose love gave her withered with rootless sores,
She cried and cried until the meaning of cry didn’t exist any longer,
No consumption for years just dragged and rolled in hunger,
Mother and father got disturbed and left beauty to finish rot,
The greenness left her pupil now just filled with unwashed dust,
Love never returned,
Not one winter,
Not one summer,
Not one autumn,
Not any of the seasons whatsoever,
Her nails engraved before beauty’s expiration day,
Written by beauty’s last breath and decay.

© Tammy

The Community


This is deep.

By the Mighty Mumford


Another view on Aging…!

Women aren’t objects been told,

They are people with heart mind and soul…

Objects desired

When desire is fired

And fascinating when fires grow old!

The thought of worshipping women fades,

And harder to open the shades…

For a well-turned leg

May interest peg,

But too late to wallow in babes.

Favorite features come into view,

Sometimes whip up a brew…

Chasing the whole

Pays a great toll,

And after caught, what do they do?

–Jonathan Caswell

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The Community


The Literary gentleman is me when I just started out writing. I can definitely identify with him.

By the Mighty Mumford


Literary gentleman tried.

To work with suggestions supplied…

Love  poetry

His cup of tea,

But more for reading than write.

No words were coming forth,

Didn’t dare let his mind take its course…


One onto which he could spring,

Vain daydreams his only source.

Young love left far behind,

His own barely brought to mind…

The man was stuck

Having no truck,

To use in his poetic grind.

It’s hard to think young

When the waffles are over-done…

Having caught

Romantic life shot,

Even to use of the tongue!

His efforts came out poor,

Self-centered rant, to be sure…

Try as he might

He botched the red light,

So results were foolish but pure.

–Jonathan Caswell

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When there’s a breakdown in communication…

By the Mighty Mumford


I’m glad it wasn’t me,

A “no-show” wren normally…

He doesn’t do this

But calls in a miss,

She’ll cover him at high-speed!

Perhaps a message was lost,

I dare not think of the cost…

I forgot today

An appointment, anyway,

I don’t think he’ll be tossed.

The woman who covered his butt,

Isn’t happy about the mixup….

If mixup it is

His work mate is pissed,

If he’s lucky he’ll just have to cough up!

–Jonathan Caswell

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What I learned from this year’s NaNoWriMo

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Well, it seems as if the weekend rest turned into a much longer one. I really needed that though for I am now rejuvenated and feeling good!

During the challenge, I was frustrated, happy, sad and angry at my writing. At one point, I couldn’t get into the rhythm and I wanted to throw it out and start all over again. I realize that although I was excited and eager to write, my mind wasn’t in the right place.

I’ve come to a realization that I have to start taking my writing seriously and I need to spend more time with/on my writing. I cannot be a writer today then decide that I won’t be writing tomorrow. Writing every day should be easy whether it’s just two words, a paragraph, a line or two. I want my words to dance off the pages and into people’s hearts and to invade their soul long after they’ve turned the last page of my book.

This month I’ve decided not to edit, but rather, pour over the story I wrote for NaNo. Stick around because I might be sharing raw unedited excerpts that I’m certain is going to make you laugh. Some of them were written while I was hunched over the laptop halfway asleep, but I was still going. Tap tap tap tippy tap tap. I still can’t believe I wrote some pretty messed up stuff, but that’s the beauty of having a first draft.

After completing this year’s NaNo challenge, I can safely say that my writing has grown, but it still needs development and I am keen to work on that aspect.

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NaNoWriMo: Now what?

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Now that NaNoWriMo is over, I am slowly getting back into the swing of the things that took secondary place while competing in the challenge last month. I am thinking of taking a short break although I have so MANY things to post.

This weekend, it’s all about rest. I’ll be taking a mini break from working on my novel and I’ll look into editing soon.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep writing!

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NaNoWriMo: You did it!

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First things first, I apologize for my lack of posts regarding NaNo in the past few weeks, but I’ve really been under the weather and I needed to recuperate.

We’ve come to the end of a crazy writing month and I just want to congratulate not only the winners but all who took part in the challenge.

I was up late last evening writing and I ended up with 50554 words. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop writing. I’m going to complete my first draft and I’ll share excerpts here soon.

My hand is still aching from all the last minute writing to meet the deadline, so before I go, I just want to thank you, wonderful writers for coming on this trip with me and I also thank you for taking me on yours. All the best from here and out with your future manuscripts and I hope to see some of you publish one day.

Hopefully, we’ll help each other edit this month. In the meantime, keep writing!

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