NaNoWriMo: Creating my playlist

 Photo: Corey Blaz (Unsplash)


I don’t necessarily need music to inspire my writing, but when I listen to songs base on the topic I’m writing about, it normally triggers off inspiration for me when I have writer’s block.

I am working on a story about a thirty-year-old slim woman. She works in the fashion industry (the irony eh?), but due to her small frame and physique, she feels unwanted and unloved and underappreciated. Yes, she is one of those characters that comes with a lot of baggage and is only my second character to have so many unresolved issues.

I don’t have a playlist this time around, but I am listening to songs that cater to the mood and theme of the story.

Confident – Justin Bieber

I am not ashamed to admit that I adore this song! My sister tried to get me into the Demi Lovato same song title, but her song can’t come close to JB’s own. Yes, the song is about sex, but I love the fact that the song is about a woman who is not only sexually aware, but the fact that ‘She’s confident. You could tell by the way she walks into the room.’

No matter who you are, once you have confidence, you don’t owe the world a single thing. My aim is for my main protagonist to have strong confidence by the end of the story, but she has to overcome several obstacles to get there including her strong negativity of self.

Fashion – Lady Gaga

Believe it or not, my main protagonist works in a fashion house… behind the scenes of course! But fashion is about looking good and feeling confident, and Gaga’s ‘Fashion’ has managed to capture the essence of both.

Dance Like We’re Making Love – Ciara

This song was my jam of the summer and  it came in handy for the party mood whenever I have to write a function or spectacular event scene.

It Ain’t What’s On A Woman – Jimmy Lewis

This song speaks volumes about my character. For too long, men have been measuring women by her beauty and body. It ain’t what’s on a woman that makes her a winner. Is what she’s got within her. They don’t make uplifting songs like these anymore.

My Little Universe – Depeche Mode

Sometimes we all need space for ourselves, to think and to just breathe. My main girl learned this when things were suddenly going too fast for her and she had to shout ‘STOP!’ to get back that sense of balance in her world.

Bottle Living – Dave Gahan

Because my main man has some past issues that threaten to claw its way back into his life and this song is absolutely perfect.

Harder Better Faster Stronger – Daft Punk

All work and no play!

So that’s what I’m basically listening to. There are others, but those are the main ones.

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