NaNoWriMo: So it’s the 17th day

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Well, hello there!

I haven’t updated over the past three days due to feeling unwell, but I was writing. I now have 9,856 words and I am beginning to feel that I won’t be able to complete the challenge this time around yet again. I’m not worried about not finishing though. It is what it is. I’ll continue writing until the first draft is completed before I start editing.

It’s day 17 and I applaud all who are still wrestling with their stories, refusing to quit. Keep writing!

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Ancient statue Colossus of Rhodes may stand again

The Colossus of Rhodes (Greece) was one of the tallest statues of the ancient world and it was also one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world. I recently read that there are plans in the works to rebuild the Colossus.

I am a history groupie and although I admired the Colossus of Rhodes, I don’t see the appeal of rebuilding him now, although I must admit, it might just be quite the sight. I only hope he’ll be wearing clothes.

Photo cred: Wikipedia