NaNoWriMo update and other writing

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Β It’s the 9th day of NaNoWriMo, and I am nowhere where I want to be!

Word count!

Day 1 – 560 words

Day 2 – 143 words

Day 3 – 0 words

Day 4 – 312 words

Day 5 – 0 words

Day 6 – 0 words

Day 7 – 812 words

Day 8 – 1,158 words

This gives me a total of 2,985.

I’m getting somewhere though. I have challenged myself to reach/pass 10,000 words by the end of this new week, but I do admit that I am a procrastinator who happens to work well under pressure.


Yes, because I’m not ready as yet. Maybe at some point during the editing process I’ll share something.

Other writing

This is serious. I actually have tons of ideas to write and I can’t wait to start them all! One is a short story that I may eventually work on this week. The other one is a big deal for me because it’s about football and it’s about this young crazy coach, who takes over the French national team from Didier Deschamps, and he is determined to lead the boys to Euro 2016 glory. I’ve already laid the groundwork and I can’t wait to start writing training and locker room scenes!

I’m also working on a summer story for a friend. On top of that, I’ve been asked to produce more Ray and Marcus shorts. I might start posting some of them on here after NaNo.

Well, that’s me. Happy writing all!

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