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Poetry Wednesday: The painted mirror

For the next 3 Wednesdays, I’ll be featuring poems from my friend, Tammy. She writes from whatever inspiration she draws from nature and its surroundings and I think she has a way with words. Tammy is a magical being and many of her poetry are inspired by such imagination.

Placed on Bolivia’s glass floors,

I painted a mirror with huge colors,

That galore,

Painted on the world’s largest moor!

A paradigm of colors arrayed,

Through the thin bright stairways of angelic clouds,

They never dim they stayed.

White light rays from heaven shrouded,

Around, abound, up and all the way down,

Walking on this mirror of magic,

Seems like you’re in the air, not below where lies the tragic.

Just dream and dream and dream,

The sunlight rains constant beams,

Is that the sound of the angels from above?

Instrumented with violins on the reflected cloud with doves,

Imagination never ends here,

I don’t want to go home don’t you dare!

I stand on glass, I stand in the sky,

Don’t take my mirror away, not even for one night.

Solitude of happiness, I’m not allowed to cry,

Dear painted mirror of Bolivia, keep me infinite,

God’s grandeur shines its light,

Awaiting another day,

Another visit,

Yes, my dear you’re infinite.

© Tammy



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