So I’ve started NaNoWriMo …

It’s the second day of the NaNoWriMo challenge and I’ve started slow. Not what I expected given the fact that I was eager and excited to start on my new story, but yeah, I only wrote 560 words last evening (the Prologue) and although I’m not happy with my starting progress, I am pleased to have written something.

I constantly checked word count (habit)…

… and the main protagonist is yet to make an interesting entrance.

However, I feel proud to say that I’ve created some of my favorite characters yet for an amazing project and I feel good about this one. It’s a touchy subject for some, but I am glad to touch on it. 🙂

I’m a sucker for a good interracial story and I hope I can do A Slim Chance At Love some beautiful justice.

Today, I have work. I’ll love to say that I could write on my lunch hour, but my work space of late won’t allow me to that’s why I’m writing this post instead. When I get home, I have a Tottenham Hotspur game to catch, so I’ll have to get some writing done after the game and before Dancing with the Stars. That’s four hours to come up with something for the first chapter and perhaps second according to how long or short they might be.

And I have to shout out all the cover, banner and character artists! They took some time off their busy writing schedule to help some of us less creative writers bring our vision to life! TheFriendlyBookworm was kind enough to create a banner for me.

I am madly in love with it!

How about you? How is your writing going and are you proud of what you’ve written so far? Keep going.

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2 thoughts on “So I’ve started NaNoWriMo …”

  1. Ha! Glad I’m not the only one! I wrote exactly ZERO words yesterday – but somehow managed to crank out 1755 words on the way to work (voice to text), and on lunch so I sort of feel redeemed.
    However I haven’t read through what the voice to text app actually wrote so it may all be useless!

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