I think I’ve found my wedding venue!

Where is the ideal place to say ‘I do’? Technically, it’s in a church surrounded by family and friends, but in this reality for many people, there is no such thing as family and friends sometimes. Some of us also want a quick marriage or we rather elope.

When I was young, I always used to say that I’ll get married in Hawaii and honeymoon in Paris, but now I think I’ve found the perfect place to say ‘I do’.


It’s a cave on a glass floor overlooking the ocean, deep underground, beneath a hotel in Dubrovnil in Croatia. The name of the resort is More which translates to ‘Hotel Sea’ and weddings cost from €5,300 (£3,980) with Yes I Du.

Who says romance is dead? Not this guitarist, strumming love songs underground for an imminent wedding

Do look down: A bride and groom tie the knot in the cave, surrounded by stalagtites and with the sea beneath

Another successful wedding with a couple who look very happy with their unusual location

Read more of the most outrageous wedding venues in the world here dailymail and if you’re interested in getting hitched here in the future, visit this site for more information:


As a football enthusiast, I’m glad that Camp Nou made the list!


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