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Minority Report

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There were three of them, Dash, Arthur, Agatha. They were called the Precognitives. They could see murders before they happened. For six years, our police held them against their will and used them to save lives. But after the government’s Precrime program was shut down, they were finally released. They kept themselves safe and hidden from the world…until now.

I have been sinfully indulging in Minority Report for the past four weeks and I found myself liking the TV series that is base off the Tom Cruise hit film.

This is not right up my alley, but when I accidently came across this show, it was love at first sight because of badass Megan Good. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her in anything. The series is set 11 years after the movie.

The gadgets are super cool! I can see myself manhandling some of them. And there’s no need for night vision goggles when you can say ‘night vision’ and your eye lenses can do it for you. Good’s character is badass and I love, love, LOVE Dash simply because he’s awkward, cute, good at chess and reminds me of my all-time favorite TV character, Dr. Spencer Reid.

I love what Dash and Vega have going on. They might not know it as yet, but this friendship thing is leading to a future romance.

It’s too bad that this show looks like it’s not going to make it past the first season though. Fox announced that the series order was cut down from the original 13 episodes to 10.

“Why waste time on small talk when science can tell you exactly what your chances are?”

Main Cast: 

Megan Good as Detective Lara Vega. I like this character a lot!

Stark Sands as Dashiell ‘Dash’ Parker. Like I said, he reminds me of my favorite TV character and one of the reasons I even watch. His social awkwardness is kind of cute and I could endear it.

Nick Zano as Arthur. I don’t know what to think of this character seeing that I don’t like him that much.

Laura Regan as Agatha Lively. This former precog is manipulative and cunning and I don’t think I can trust her.

Daniel London as Wally the Caretaker. London reprises his role from the blockbuster movie.

Li Jun Li as Akeela. I really like her.

Wilmer Valderrama as Will Blake. I think Wilmer is wrong for the part and every time his character is on the screen I want to hurl nice pointy shiny objects at him and they ain’t pencils or pens!


Overall, I give this series a 3.5. I like it, but lazy writing is involve and if it do get the axe, blame the writers and FOX.

Watch the trailer for the series here:


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