BUMPIN TO: Another Lonely Night – Adam Lambert

Alone in the dark, hole in my heart, turn on the radio
And the words fall out, but they got no place to go
Wasted on you, high on the fumes
Know I should let you go
But the world won’t stop
And all I got is your ghost, oh, oh-oh

Another day, another lonely night
I would do anything to have you by my side
Another day, another lonely night
Don’t wanna throw away another lonely life

Hate on me, but Adam Lambert sings from his experience in the music industry and the music video for Another Lonely Night does nothing to dispel the theory. As an entertainer, Adam knows that he belongs to no one, yet he belongs to everyone.

The video was shot in Las Vegas and it simply paints a story of entertainers doing what they do best to make people happy, but at the end of the day, they go home to no one. Regardless of color, background, or wealth, loneliness respects no one. We have an Elvis impersonator (Adam & very fitting), a wedding officiant (Gigi Gorgeous. As I said earlier on this blog, Gigi’s star is rising. The icing on the cake hasn’t happened yet though.), a burlesque dancer and a male stripper.

Overall, I like how Adam managed to capture the loneliness, but he ruined the song with the F-bomb.


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