NANOWRIMO: Final preparations check list

  • Character bios. If not, download this Character Questionnaire here: CHARACTER SKETCH
  • Your story is already outlined.
  • You have a writing buddy.
  • Has set a writing goal in mind. If you need a calendar to help with your progress, drop in at Book Baby if you haven’t as yet:

  • Has a clear schedule of what your writing time should be.
  • Has created a mixtape of the songs you’ll want to listen to.
  • Stocked up on the treats (I have popcorn and coffee ready to go)
  • Backup! Backup! Backup! Make sure you have a backup procedure otherwise all your hard work would have been for naught.
  • Informed your loved ones that you’re going to take your writing seriously and November is all yours.

All the best with this year’s challenge!


Things you can do before NaNoWriMo aka make October count

This post is late, but it’s better than never.

Now that I’ve chosen my story, I am in the process of working on my logline and creating profiles for my protagonists. Outlining my story is going to be the next thing on the list. I have to confess that I am not a planner. I am one of those adventurous writers who let the writing do the talking whenever I am in that place. This is the first time I’ll be outlining a story.

The basics:

^ Learn your character/s inside-out by drawing up a story planning questionnaire. When you do this, it saves precious time and you won’t have to be scrolling back to previous chapters asking ‘What color are her eyes again? Wait, did I start off with his height at 6 inches tall? Or was it 6 feet 2?’

^ Work on your plot and character profiles. Give them vivid descriptions and occupations.

^ Jot notes down no matter how silly some of your thoughts may sound. You’ll be amazed at how some of these notes come in useful for you during your first draft.

^ Research your genre.

^ Find a writing partner. If you have friends who are planning on doing NaNoWriMo, better for you because you all can get together and have fun writing.

^ And for those who have their dream cover in mind, there is nothing wrong on starting it.

^ Don’t forget to register!


Getting ready for NaNoWriMo

I am still in the preparation stage for NaNoWroMo and this time around, I’ve decided to blog about my progress. I’ve entered twice and won and I must say that it’s always a huge accomplishment whenever I hit and pass the big FIFTY THOUSAND.

For the past month or so I kept promising myself that I’ll be ready in time for November 01st, but I am miles away from being ready.

At the moment, I am still trying to decide which story to write for the challenge and it’s not okay!

#amwriting ✍, Espresso Shots ☕

These Are My Tears (I Weep For You)

Your smile,
your laughter, I’ll never forget
these are my tears as I weep for you

You weren’t the easiest of men,
but you protected what was yours
these are my tears as I weep for you

I know we have to let you go
but I wish you didn’t have to go
For I wasn’t ready to say goodbye
these are my tears. I weep for you.

I’m a writer, but today I can’t find the words
to express the way I feel
but these are my tears. I weep for you.

Last evening, my grandfather passed away and I am still trying to process the fact that I’ll never see him again. It doesn’t matter if I knew the time was coming for him to go, it’s never easy dealing with the loss. It’s also never easy sharing my words on here.

I have his memories, his smile, and especially his laugh. Grandpa loved to laugh! In his last days, he was robbed of that infectious laugh, but if I listen carefully, I could hear that melodic laugh ringing around his beloved home.

May your weary soul now find solace.

R.I.P. Grandpa.

My angel
When you are whispering in my ear
You have nothing to fear

It’s all, you have nothing to fear
You gave, you have nothing to fear
It’s all, you have nothing to fear
I got, you have nothing to fear



What is NaNoWriMo?

NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month takes place annually in November. From the 01st-30th midnight, writers come together to create and lose themselves in their imagination and challenge themselves to reach 50,000 words (or more).

Yes, it can be a little masochistic depending on how one look at it and yes, you may encounter stumbling blocks along the way given that you have a day job that’s keeping you busy because you have bills to pay, but you don’t need to reach 50,000 words on your first attempt. The main thing is to write and focus on completion, not perfection. Write that story you’ve always wanted to start, but never got around to doing. The best part? It’s free to sign up and participate and you can win some really cool prizes.

You’re French? American? Alien? It doesn’t matter. Any language can participate for it is their writing. Any genre is allowed including fanfiction, but you’re not allowed to start on the body of the novel before November 01st.

Therefore, I am challenging you, dear writer, to participate in the National Novel Writing Month challenge this year. If you don’t have a writing group or you have no one to push and encourage you during the month of November, La Petit Muse’s door is always open.

Visit the site to sign up and start writing on November 01st: