Espresso Shots โ˜•


Iโ€™ve noticed little changes here and there lately,

and it sometimes irks me.

See, Iโ€™m not sure if Iโ€™m ready for the big change

As I still prefer my comfort zone,

although deep down inside I am itching to move on.

I want to move on to bigger things,

I want to move on to better things,

But I am afraid that Iโ€™ll lose who I am if I adapt to the big change

that is manifesting within me.

Iโ€™ve wasted a few years of my life by allowing opportunities pass me by and shrugging it off easily as I confidently grin and say, โ€˜No hard feelings. Theyโ€™ll come back.โ€™ Sure, some of them came back, but when I think back now, I think I was ignorant all because I was scared to do big scary things. And if I wasnโ€™t so scared of doing those big scary things in the first place, my life would have been the adventure that I am seeking now. I now try to see myself in different places, in different roles, doing different things.

Iโ€™m saying to take risks and donโ€™t be afraid of positive changes in your life. You might like them.

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