Janet Jackson doesn’t want ‘No Sleeep’

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Sensual and playful R&B is back!

‘That’s the Way Love Goes’ 2.0 people! Okay, maybe not, but ‘No Sleeep’ has that sensual playfulness that Janet likes to bring to her soft ballads. She’s almost whispering that I literally had to beg for her to ‘speak up’! ‘No Sleep’ was produced by herself and long-time collaborators, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. It’s her first music video in five years and she paid tribute to the greatest, her brother, Michael. I don’t understand why she had to misspell ‘sleep’ though.

Oh well, I guess it was the insomnia talking!

‘No Sleeep’ is like the dumped down version of ‘Go Deep’.

We go deep and/ We don’t get no sleep/ Cause we be up all night/ Until the early light

Both songs have the same meaning! It’s just that ‘No Sleeep’ is watered down and useless.

I am going to be blunt here. I am not impressed. I don’t like the music video although I like that her body was elegantly covered up. The song itself is garbage for the lyrics are weak, but I might catch myself singing ‘We ain’t gonna get no sleep’ sometime next week God’s willing when I have to stay up late to study for finals. It’s still boring though.

I don’t think J Cole was utterly necessary, but here’s the music video:


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