Fess-Up Friday: Ultimate favorite toon/anime character: Yami/Yugi

In staying with the YGO theme this week, I present my third fess-up.

I couldn’t choose and I couldn’t split them up.

Yugi Moto and Yami Yugi are my all time favorite anime characters, but it doesn’t mean I’m into anime. No, sir!  Pokémon was actually my first anime, but then Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters came out and I never looked back … nor forward actually.

Now, look at the cute baby panda. Look at it!


Cuteness overload! No, really, he’s like, D cutest thing ever!

Yugi is selfless, caring, too kind and gentle for his own good but makes a damn good protagonist. His big amethyst eyes remind us of how really childlike and innocent he is even in his kinky get-up.


Don’t let his short, shy, cute, sweet, adorable, cuddly panda bear appearance fool you. And this is what I love about this protagonist. Yes, he’s short and he’s a victim of bullying, but he is a real gentleman and friend. Yugi is a ladies’ man and I bet he’s a little kinky underneath his gentlemanly manner.

Now take a look at this seriously hot man:


Yami, on the other hand … *PURRRRRSSSSS*

That regal grace and poise and his deep rich baritone. He is walking sex in leather! Elegance radiates off him while sex oozes from his pores.  Spirit/Yami/Pharaoh/Atem (see what I did there?) is the hottest of the hottest! He is commanding, yet gentle. Aggressive, yet kind.

Yami is also an awesome strategist when he duels.

This anime is my favorite, yet I cannot deny the ugly evil monsters and the game itself were somewhat demonic. Bear in mind, Yami is a 5000-year-old spirit who lives in the millennium puzzle around Yugi’s neck. He inhabits his aibou’s body when ‘IT’S TIME TO DUEL!’ or when they’re stuck in difficult situations.

Don’t be fooled by the Biblical references either. This anime does not represent Godly nature. The themes I liked most in the anime are the standing up to bullies and friendship although Tea’s friendship speeches sometimes made me want to grab the chopper and do something drastic to her. Yugi’s commitment to his friends was also the reason I stuck around.

Duel Monsters also had a good storyline – although sometimes the dialogue made you want to gag (blame 4Kids!) – and it was based on Ancient Egypt, a place I just can’t get enough of.

Other than having the hottest anime guys ever, the show was basically an excuse to litter third eyes here and there, use magic and demonic possessions while dueling and in my opinion, it showed how evil and cruel the world can be.


I still watch this anime. I don’t know if/when I’ll give it up, but since rediscovering it, I tend to look at it with open eyes now.

Let’s give it up for one of the greatest voice over of all time, Mr. Dan Green!

Although I think the French Yami is better because his voice is deeper and much sexier and it’s true what they say, everything sounds better in French.

Enjoy these Yuugi-isms. Go have a gush or a laugh at adorable Yugi.

That awkward moment when Yugi set Yami up on a date and poor Yami thinks it’s a duel is one of my favorite moments.


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